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Metal Braces in Laredo, TX

Despite other orthodontic options for achieving straight teeth, metal braces are still a recommended choice for treatment. Metal braces can resolve any orthodontic issue! These braces are a great option for those who may be forgetful in caring or wearing other types of braces, like clear braces. If your child wants a straight, beautiful smile, we offer all families in Laredo metal braces. Contact our office to schedule your consultation!

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How long do metal braces take?

The process of metal braces, also known as traditional braces, can take roughly two hours. Of course, personal factors such as the severity of misalignment and the time it takes to prepare the teeth to place traditional braces on can impact this. During the process, the orthodontist will make sure the teeth are clean and dry. A bonding glue will be applied to your child’s teeth for the brackets to attach to, then the wire that connects the metal brackets will be placed. After this, elastic bands will be applied. Lastly, we will set up a follow-up visit together.

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Do metal braces work faster?

The amount of time traditional braces work to straighten your teeth will depend on the severity of the misalignment. Traditional braces can take as little as several months to three years to get teeth to reach the desired position. When comparing metal braces vs Invisalign, metal braces typically aren’t as fast. If you are considering metal braces for your child, during the consultation, our dentist will provide you with a time frame of the custom treatment plan giving you an estimation of how long you can expect them to take.

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Do metal braces damage teeth?

Traditional braces don’t damage teeth. Traditional braces are more effective when treating extreme overcrowding or misalignment, but they can resolve any orthodontic issue. If your child follows correct care with traditional braces and their teeth, their teeth will not get ruined. Proper care like brushing, flossing, and avoiding certain foods can help reduce the risk of plaque accumulation that often leads to tooth decay. One main difference between clear braces vs metal braces is that clear braces are removable. Clear braces make it easier to maintain oral hygiene.

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How much are metal braces?

Traditional braces are slightly more affordable than clear braces, but they still cost a significant amount of money. If you’re concerned about the cost or curious about how much your insurance will cover for traditional braces, visit our financial page to learn more as we provide a variety of flexible payment options. Or reach out to our office so we can best assist you in getting traditional braces for your child.