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Pediatric Dental Crowns in Laredo, TX

Dental crowns are caps that are placed over teeth that need the extra strength and protection that a dental restoration can offer. If you believe your child needs a pediatric dental crown placed, our team at Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry would be happy to help. Simply give our office a call or send us a message through our virtual contact form and we will find a convenient time for your child to come in and have a high-quality dental crown expertly placed by a knowledgeable pediatric dentist.

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The Dental Crown Process

Once the local anesthetic has been applied to numb the mouth, the tooth will need to be filed down so the crown can fit properly. Impressions will be taken so your child’s crown can be designed to fit in with the rest of their teeth in terms of size and shape. Then, a temporary crown will be placed, and we will schedule a follow-up appointment so the permanent crown can be adhered to the tooth when it’s finished. Our team will ensure that your child feels comfortable and informed throughout the entire process.

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Are pediatric dental crowns necessary?

Dental crowns help protect teeth that would otherwise be vulnerable to further damage and infection, which could result in more invasive procedures being required, like root canals and dental extractions. Even if the tooth in question is a baby tooth, it’s important to treat the tooth and have a crown placed, as decay and trauma can affect the adult tooth underneath and cause unnecessary problems in the future. When your child’s baby tooth comes out, the dental crown will come with it.

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What kind of dental crowns are available for kids?

Stainless steel crowns are often recommended for children, especially for teeth that don’t show when you smile, like molars. Stainless steel crowns are very durable and do an excellent job of protecting teeth. They are also less expensive than white crowns for baby teeth. Tooth-colored crowns blend in with the other teeth and look more natural, so they are often recommended to be used on the front teeth, but they can be placed on molars as well.

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