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Baby Root Canals in Laredo, TX

Tots to Teens provides regular root canal treatments as well as baby root canals, which are root canals that are performed on baby teeth. Whether you know your child needs a root canal treatment or you need to have them assessed, diagnosed, and treated, our team would be happy to assist. Contact our office today!

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How will I know if my child needs a root canal?

There are a few symptoms that can indicate that a child may need a root canal or another restorative dental service. In other cases, patients may not have any noticeable symptoms, which is why visiting our office for regular dental visits is so important. Signs that your child may need a baby root canal include:

  • Severe tooth pain, especially when biting down
  • Prolonged tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods
  • Discoloration or darkening of a tooth
  • Gum tenderness and/or gum swelling
  • Bump on gums
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Why does my child need a root canal?

Root canals are more invasive than treatments like dental fillings, but they are a necessary restorative service for patients who have tooth infections. Once a small whole is created in the top of the tooth, the infected dental pulp will be removed before the tooth is carefully cleaned and sealed. A dental crown is typically placed over a tooth post-root canal to protect and support it while also restoring the appearance of the tooth. If a root canal is put off for too long, a dental extraction could become necessary instead, so we encourage parents to schedule their child’s treatment as soon as possible.

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Are root canals painful?

Root canals have a reputation for being very painful and uncomfortable. Fortunately, root canals today are less stressful and pretty similar to receiving a dental filling from the patient’s perspective, thanks to advancements in dentistry and modern medicine. At Tots to Teens, we do our best to help our young patients have the most pleasant dental experiences possible. If you believe your child would benefit from having dental sedation added to their treatment plan, our team would be happy to review our sedation options with you as well.

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